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Markoffs haunted forest The cursed village. Large crowd are entertained, eat food and drink while they wait to go into the trails or the town

Here’s what you need to know BEFORE YOU BUY!

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Markoffs Haunted Forest prices 2023
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The cursed village, food, drink and entertainment, games.
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Entry to the Midway is FREE, and you can enter at any time!!

This space is full of energy, defined by the giant bonfires, our weird ghouls & goblins, crazy DJ, and high risk activities. Some nights MHF hosts local entertainers: live bands, dance groups, and (if you’re lucky) fire spinners.



Activities & Concessions are payable with credit card.

Markoffs haunted forest actor with long skeleton fingers, scares terrifies
Markoffs haunted forest actor with sword, scares terrifies
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Save $$ by purchasing tickets in advance. Day-Of prices carry a Day-Of surcharge.

MHF Trail Tickets are limited capacity & time-stamped by half-hour increments. 

BUY EARLY to secure your spot!

MHF CANCELLATION POLICY: We do not issue refunds.

If you need to switch your ticket date, please contact Dynamic pricing means that tickets have different costs based on the date you are buying. Date switches may be subject to additional fees. You will be charged the ticket price that’s relevant to your new date.

BRING YOUR TICKET WITH YOU, either as an image saved to your phone or a printed paper version. Your ticket will be scanned when you enter the Midway, and you will receive a TRAIL PASS at that time. When your TRAIL PASS DOA time rolls around, step up PROMPTLY to the ticket scanner (under the MASSIVE PUMPKIN) and prepare to enter the woods! You'll return to the Midway after your hike, so you can recollect your energies & celebrate life!

Markoff’s Haunted Forest is a benefit performance for Calleva, a licensed 501c3 educational organization. If you don't make it out on your ticketed night, you can consider your purchase a donation to Calleva. MHF revenue supports a variety of scholarships, pro bono programs, and community partnerships.

Markoffs haunted forest actor behind bars grins with menace at the town
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the town details
MHF The Town Tickets are available for MOST NIGHTS.

The price includes a 10-minute wagon ride to the edge of our property, where you’ll disembark for an entirely different fright fest – up close & personal with the zombies who inhabit Onslaught Mills.

With ticket in hand, you’ll head down the lane to meet your wagon. Please present your ticket before boarding & please plan your TOWN Journey to be sure you’re back in time for your TRAIL Experience!! The round trip will take 45-60 minutes.

Inclement Weather

In the event of extreme weather, the MHF team will determine closure no later than 4:00 pm the day of a performance. Please check our web site & social media channels for weather updates. If we cancel due to weather, all ticket holders will receive an automatic refund.

see no evil
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See No Evil is not your average corn maze....

Prepare to embark on a heart-pounding journey like no other! Where your courage will be put to the ultimate test. We invite you to surrender your senses to the darkness and explore your deepest, darkest fears in a full-immersion, multi-sensory experience that will leave you trembling .. all while blindfolded. Discretion is advised.....

ON-SITE PURCHASE ONLY in Markoff's Midway
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