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About Us Markoffs Haunted Forest, a fire spinner fire eater entertainer will thrill you as you eat and drink in the Cursed village
Markoff's Haunted Forest

You’ll be amazed by what you find lurking in our woods!


Since 1992, when the Markoff brothers toured DC events & festivals in a Haunted School Bus, our haunt has become a must-go for fright fest lovers.

Creative, dramatic, and – YES -- terrifying -- MHF has built a national reputation for its unique, multi-sensory haunt experience. Music, lighting effects, scents & creepy human interaction set the tone in each of our 3 attractions.

Markoff’s Haunted Forest is a benefit performance for
Calleva, a 501c3 organization dedicated to building young leaders through positive outdoor experiences. 

Markoffs Haunted Forest started with school bus over 30 years ago
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Markoff's Midway

Admission is FREE!


Our waiting area is a gloriously creepy carnival where patrons can eat, drink & get in the mood for a wild experience in the woods.

Markoffs haunted forest the Cursed Village is our food, bervage, entertainment and game waiting area before you enter the Trail or The Town.
The Haunted Trail

Dynamic Ticket Prices, $30-50


The topography of our mile-long trail sets the stage for a series of terrifying scenes, mysterious glades, and great hiding spots for our crazy ghouls. We don’t recommend the trail for kids under age 12, since each bend in the path is truly frightening!

Markoff's Haunted Forest has a haunted trail over 1 mile long, the largest in the USA. Its terrifying and all outdoors.
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The Town

Dynamic Ticket Prices, $25-45

Don’t miss the up-close-and-personal nature of our immersive haunted Western experience.

Markoffs Haunted Forest has a town of Onslaught Mills beside it, the folk of that town are not quite right.
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