Haunted Trail and The Town passes are available for purchase online, please follow the 'Purchase Tickets' link above. Whether you buy a HAUNTED TRAIL PASS or a TOWN PASS, your ticket is good for ONE of the attractions described below. 

If you wish to purchase additional passes because one terrifying ordeal just isn't enough, you can:

  • Plan ahead and purchase a Combo Pass online; or

  • Purchase a second pass at the Front Circle Ticket Booth.


Trail 1

This is our "original" MHF trail. While the scenes get changed up, you can expect huge sets that will blow your mind and senses. The terrain is tough, taking you both above and underground ~ with terror everywhere ~very wooded, heavily shadowed, and your deepest and darkest primal fears lurking where you least suspect them. The terror builds with heavily wooded and winding terrain to break up each scene.


Trail 2

Built slightly different to offer another type of terror, the scenes on Trail 2 are closer together, with lots of startles in between the big scenes. Each multi-sensory experience is designed to have you jump out of your shoes. Trail 2 has the same number of scenes as the Original, with sets that will leave you panting to catch your breath. 

The Town (a.k.a. Trail 3)

An entire haunted town exists on the opposite edge of our farm, and your excursion starts and ends with a shuttle ride. Your coach will drop you off into an old, haunted town filled with the worst that our imaginations can throw at you. An ancient church, decrepit mineshaft, freaky butcher shop, jails, saloons, and cat houses make this a disturbing psychotic trip. The town is entirely too big to fit in our forest, and it will get up close and personal with your deepest fears!

CKnowles MHF 2018-0092.jpg
2019 Dates


1, 2


  • We open at DUSK (7-ish).

  • Parking Entrance closes at 10:30pm
    on Fri & Sat.; 9:30pm on all other days.

If Patrons are on the property before closing, they will be able to go through a trail.


NOTE: The later you come, the longer the wait!








NOTE: $20 Early Bird tickets can be purchased during September. The following regular season prices take effect on October 1.

SAVE $'s on your Ticket 

We offer lower prices when purchasing your ticket in advance. If you buy your ticket the day of you’ll pay +$5 on each ticket.


Trail Pass

$25-35 EACH


Town Pass

$25 EACH 



Trail and Town pass



If available, 2nd trail passes can be purchased onsite.


*Sundays and Halloween are a hybrid trail!

**If you lose your trail pass, you will NOT be refunded and not allowed to enter the haunted trail. 

**Town Patrons must be in the town by 11pm


Fast Pass

$10 premium for EACH Fast Pass ticket purchased online; or $5 UPGRADE for MHF HAUNTED TRAIL PASS HOLDERS who eat at one of our participating Poolesville area restaurants.



allows patrons to enter one of the trails without waiting in our Front Circle area for their “number” to be called. Keep in mind that there is still a short line at the trail entrance to protect spacing of groups on the trail. There are 2 options for getting a “Fast Pass”:



Patrons can upgrade their TRAIL PASS to a “FAST PASS” at one of our local restaurants (see below) for an additional $5/ticket. These are only available to patrons that sit down and eat dinner at one these restaurants: 

Bassetts Restaurant

Asian House of Poolesville

Cuginis Restaurant & Bar

Mexican Grill 

Watershed Cafe



On specific nights (October 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27), patrons can purchase a Trail “FAST PASS” online. Choose "Fast Pass" INSTEAD OF "Haunted Trail."  Fast Passes are sold for a $10 premium price. Prices range from $35-45, depending on the night.