While you wait, we’ve got games, food, performers, and activities happening all around you in the MHF Front Circle. Spectating is free, but the food is sold at our concessions stands (we accept cash or credit card), and activity tickets can be purchased onsite at either the Front Circle Ticket Booth or MHF concession stands. To avoid the lines, YOU CAN purchase a 10-pack of Front Circle Activity Tickets during the online check-out process.


Zipline: 4-6 Tickets

For extreme thrill seekers: Soar above the crowds and bonfires on the famous MHF zip line! Patrons launch from 40-foot platforms and reach maximum velocity before touching down in a field beyond the Front Circle. Zip-lining at night is a great way to take in a bird’s eye view of all the festivities below.


Black Death Survival Games

Prizes include bottle stickers, koozies, stress bats and t-shirts.


Front Circle Tickets

Tickets for all front circle activities can be purchased through the checkout or on-site (after you enter the Front Circle). Tickets are $3 a piece or a 10-pack for $25

19120 Martinsburg Road, Dickerson, MD, 20842

(301) 216-1248

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