About Us

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Markoff's Haunted Forest

Since 1992, we have been reinventing ourselves to create a new and terrifying experience. Our first year began as a Haunted School Bus driven by the Markoff’s Brothers to events and chasing patrons out the back screaming and crashing to some dirty mattress’s waiting below. Over the years, our haunt has expanded, evolved and even changed locations until finally settling on a permanent home in Dickerson Maryland just outside Poolesville. If you are wondering if the Haunted Bus still exits…. dang right it does! While it used to be incorporated on the various trails, age and time have taken its toll and now you can find it in its final resting place in our Junk Yard scene. Size and scale have metamorphized this event to a “Must See Event”, and our creative team has taken to some very modern scare tactics while never turning our back from the rawness that has made our trail so amazing! Music, lights, actors, make-up and set pieces unlike any other are why we are continually picked as the best haunt in the area, and one of the top haunts in the country. Our continued mission to get people outdoors, make our haunt truly unique and the topography of our forest make each bend in the path truly horrific! There is so much going on that you’re sure to soil yourself!  Markoff’s Haunted Forest is Maryland’s original greatest Halloween event, and you will be amazed by what you find lurking in the woods!

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In 1993, the Markoff’s started the Haunted Forest in order to raise money to start a summer camp. Calleva is now a full-time organization committed to teaching and building strong leaders through positive outdoor experiences. We use many adventure based programming, as well as agricultural based activities, to instill a love and stewardship towards the outdoors and in turn to find growth among individual and group. We are active in our local communities working with other organizations to be responsible with our food, farming, environmental responsibilities, and social responsibilities by providing powerful outdoor experiences to those that cannot access or afford it. The Markoff’s Haunted Forest greatly helps Calleva to fulfill it’s mission of getting people of all ages and backgrounds into the outdoors!


Calleva is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The Markoff’s Haunted Forest is a Benefit Performance.